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What is TRACS?
TRACS is the most simple solution to provide Proof Of Origin of your products to your audience. TRACS help the user create a simple chain and using record critical events on Ethereum. This Proof can be made available via QR Code or a weblink which shows the user the entire story of your produce.
Why do I need TRACS?
Our research has shown that in the current times, our consumers have become very concerned about food. They want to know where the food is coming from and how it has been produced. Though certification is one of the means to establish trust, it is not complete and is open to fraud. TRACS attempts to change this and provide a very simple way to establish trust with the consumers by sharing your ethos, your sourcing and manufacturing. If you are a conscious farmer, food processing organization (FPO) or a brand owner, TRACS provides you a very simple means to telling your story and establish trust. TRACS enables you to record critical events. These records cannot be changed because it is stored on Blockchain and hence a validity of the source where your produce has come from along with the timelines.
What do I need to enable TRACS?
All you need is to sign up and let your chain download a simple app. The web interface lets you control action and data that you want to capture and display. The set up can be done within few minutes.
Is TRACS expensive?
We have been in this business for long. Most of the solutions that we have tried and tested and either expensive or difficult to implement. While developing TRACS, one of our guiding principles have been to keep it very simple to use and implement. Same thing goes with the cost. It is a Blockchain as a Service and pay as you go model. If the solution is not adding to your business, you can discontinue the service any time. Send a request to hello@tracs.io, tell about your activities and we will be happy to help you.
What will I get as an output from TRACS
TRACS will help you build a page with the entire story of the product- where was it produced and how it was produced. This can be accessed through a QR code and a weblink. The page not only displays your product origin and timelines, but also tells the audience about your practices such as manufacturing or farming. Using this you would be able to interact with your customer. Also these pages are indexed regularly by search engines such as Google and will make your product reach audience globally.
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